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Why CP Enneagram Academy?

Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy supports people in using the Enneagram system of personality types to achieve significant progress in their personal and professional growth.

At CP Enneagram Academy, we use the Enneagram to help individuals reach their highest potential. We assist people in creating positive change on two fronts:

  • inner transformation,”–providing opportunities for meaningful and sustainable psycho-spiritual evolution; and
  • outer impact“–helping Enneagram practitioners’ sharpen their knowledge and skills in working with the system to help them transform others and the world.

Dedicated to using the most up-to-date and effective Enneagram theory and practices, the team behind CP Enneagram Academy has created a modern Enneagram school in which people can increase their self-awareness and empathy for others.


Founded by Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes, two leading international Enneagram experts with a combined five decades of experience in using the Enneagram, CP Enneagram Academy seeks to deliver high-quality global Enneagram trainings and certification programs for individuals seeking personal growth and professionals wanting to increase their effectiveness.

At Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy, we believe that to find the path to reaching your highest potential, it is important to have the most updated Enneagram map to guide you on your journey to greater self-awareness. By learning all about your personality, you can move beyond it and become all of who you were meant to be.

What will you find at CP Enneagram Academy?

  • The most current, in-depth, authoritative Enneagram teachings available today. We believe that Enneagram theory and practice continue to evolve and we are committed to discovering and developing the best approaches to accessing the power of the system.
  • Two full programs of intensive Enneagram work.
    • One that supports individuals in doing high-impact inner transformation work and
    • One that supports leaders, coaches, therapists and spiritual directors in developing knowledge, skill, expertise, and confidence in using the Enneagram tool in their professional practice.
  • Instruction from two of the most influential thought teachers in the Enneagram movement today, with proven and complimentary track records of high-quality Enneagram training and a broad range of experience in business, coaching, psychotherapy, and spiritual development.


  • Workshops, retreats, courses, and development programs designed by Beatrice Chestnut, the author of The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge and The 9 Types of Leadership: Mastering the Art of People in the 21st-Century Workplace, in partnership with Uranio Paes, known internationally for his innovative use of the Enneagram mat as a transformative energy field and his rare combination of experience in both business and spiritual growth work.
  • We are dedicated to “walking our talk” through continually engaging in our own Enneagram-based inner development work. We do our best to make sure our egos don’t get in the way of you learning to rise above yours!
  • A deep level of Enneagram work that goes far beyond using it as a tool for describing type–we apply the Enneagram as a powerful map to guide people on a path of development that helps them create meaningful and life-changing shifts in awareness and growth.



The work that Bea and Uranio do is unlike any other enneagram experience I have ever had. It is an amazing thing to do this work together as a community. I am stunned by the level of personal growth I experienced following the last retreat and look forward to the next.
Anonymous student

For many years I have been looking for a process, a program, and a teacher that could more deeply open the transformational power of the Enneagram for me. I wanted to move beyond the Enneagram of Personality to an exploration of the deep liberating potential I knew was present in this amazingly sophisticated psycho/spiritual map. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have found this program, this process and these teachers in Uranio Paes and Bea Chestnut. I am so incredibly grateful.


Diane Pendola


Beatrice Chestnut & Uranio Paes lead the CP Enneagram Academy. They draw on their long and varied experiences teaching and deploying the Enneagram over three decades to help participants understand the centers, types, and subtypes at a deep level so they can recognize and understand specific motives and drives within themselves and their clients. In their Enneagram work, Beatrice and Uranio provide many insights and practices you can apply to help yourself and the people you work with to grow in powerful and effective ways.

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