Meet the Chestnut Paes certified professionals

Nisha Advani, Ph.D., M.P.S.

Nisha Advani is an experienced leadership coach and team and talent management consultant.  She partners with senior leaders enabling them to be more effective and successful particularly by helping them deepen their self-understanding and impact in their organizational/cultural context, thereby increasing their capacity to make conscious choices, be more expansive, and scale from inside out.

Dr.  Advani brings over 25 years of internal leadership and business experience in innovative, global organizations, including Genentech/Roche, Cisco Systems, and InterContinental Hotels.  She is a social/organizational psychologist, a continuous learner of human development, and brings novel approaches to practical application for dilemmas faced by leaders in their complex, rapidly-changing environments.  Nisha coaches primarily in knowledge, service, and non-profit organizations.  She is a certified executive coach (CSPP), accredited by the International Enneagram Association (IEA), and is a certified coach by Chestnut-Paes Enneagram Academy (CPEA) and The Narrative Enneagram (TNE).

Nisha has a long-standing interest in cultural and gender issues:  she grew up in a multi-cultural environment in India, immigrated alone at age 17, has lived in eleven cities/counties on three continents and traveled extensively, and enjoys cultural explorations.  She also studied these dimensions, including in her cross-cultural dissertation on conflict resolution styles used across genders and contexts, and consciously brings sensitivities on such issues to her coaching work.

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Nancy Hunterton, MFT

Nancy Hunterton majored in comparative religion as an undergraduate and did her graduate work in both history and mental health. First exposed to the Enneagram through a Jesuit priest in the 1980’s, Nancy later pursued spiritual direction with Roisin O’Loughlin, founder of the Stillpoint Center for Spiritual Development.  She received her initial training in the Enneagram system from Don Riso and Russ Hudson through their Enneagram Institute.  Subsequently, she co-founded Enneagram Las Vegas with Steve Purdom, a regional Enneagram center that hosts Enneagram trainings and workshops for the local community.

Nancy has a broad range of experience as a psychotherapist.  She developed a partner based domestic violence abatement program focused on reducing physical and emotional violence while building relationships in families.  She has led therapy groups at a county detention center and support groups for women with breast cancer at the Center for Compassionate Care.  Nancy was also the family therapist for the polygamous family featured on the reality television show, Sister Wives. More recently, after working as part of Las Vegas Psychiatry for 10 years, in 2015 she and colleagues established Character Way, an Enneagram-based counseling practice.  As a long-time marriage and family therapist and supervisor of interns, she uses the Enneagram extensively as both a therapeutic and self-discovery tool.

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Jeanette Maggio, M.S.

Jeanette Maggio is an experienced coach, consultant, and facilitator who has been helping organizations, leaders, and teams achieve higher levels of performance for over 25 years. Her background includes senior executive positions in HR, Organizational Development, Change Leadership and Team, and Leadership Development. She is passionate about developing leaders and teams who can lead with authenticity, use power wisely, and consciously create organizational cultures that are high performing, scalable, and compassionate.

Jeanette draws upon her 25+ years of corporate business experience at McKesson and Roche/Genentech; 15 years in Global VP roles in HR, Organizational Development and Change Leadership. She was responsible for working on the global integration of the Roche and Genentech leadership teams and culture transformation for the Technical Operations Group of 10,000 employees. This required working with over 50 senior leadership teams to develop cultural and behavioral attributes that enabled the two organizations (one 100 Swiss Company and one California startup) to achieve their integration synergy goals.

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Cathy Robinson-Walker, MBA, MCC

Catherine Robinson-Walker is a Master Certified Coach who is passionate about leadership development and executive coaching.  She possesses a deep understanding of senior leadership roles through extensive experience as a senior leader in large healthcare organizations and multi-national university consortia.

Cathy has published numerous books, leadership articles, and continuing education courses. Her first book, Women and Leadership in Health Care: The Journey to Authenticity and Power, was a Jossey-Bass health series best seller. Her second book, Leading Valiantly in Healthcare also gained wide acclaim.  Her third book was just published by Elsevier, Inc:  Leading with Mastery and Heart:  The Coaching Companion for Thriving Nurse Leaders

Cathy uses the enneagram it in all her coaching engagements, believing it is a uniquely potent tool when clients are committed to reflection, self-recognition, and change.  In Cathy’s words: “In all my years of coaching, I have yet to find a system that more accurately pinpoints our unconscious personality patterns and the ways in which those patterns prevent us from reaching our full potential as leaders and human beings.  I am always impressed by the changes my clients make when they are guided by our work with the enneagram.”

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Amy Ream, MFT

Amy Ream has Master’s degrees in organizational management and clinical psychology and attended the College of Executive Coaching, where she trained with Dr. Jeffrey E. Auerbach. For many years, as a business consultant and manager, she helped companies of different sizes—from start-ups to large corporations—evaluate their systems, processes, and personnel issues and develop effective solutions to improve their functioning. Throughout her tenure in management, Amy specialized in understanding the “people issues” that were often at the root of organizational challenges and gradually shifted her focus to include supporting people more directly in addressing challenges in their personal lives.

Currently, Amy continues to apply her skills in supporting people in addressing a wide range of personal and professional challenges in both business and therapeutic settings. She works as an MFT based in Las Vegas, providing psychotherapy to individuals and couples, and is also a certified Reiki healer. Amy first discovered the Enneagram over 15 years ago while working as a business consultant. She studied the system in the Palmer/Daniels Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition school, and she was a teacher and member of the board of directors of the Enneagram Las Vegas group for two years. She continued her Enneagram education with Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes and now serves as a staff therapist, spiritual advisor, and mentor for the Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy. Her passion is helping people heal and discover their own inner wisdom and capacity for personal and professional transformation.

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Stacey Ruff, M.Ed., LPC

Stacey Ruff is a seasoned Licensed Professional Counselor as well as a Crisis Counselor. With a BS from Texas A&M and an M.Ed. from the University of North Texas, she now focuses on the Enneagram and presents introductory workshops, trains work teams and guides management in using it. Chestnut Paes professionally certified she is also skilled in helping people type themselves.

Comfortable with audiences of over a thousand or just a few people, she has trained management teams, school & work staffs, and church leadership teams. She has also presented Enneagram at regional and state conferences. In addition, Stacey coaches individuals for professional and personal growth and has created and led a 2-day retreat using Enneagram for spiritual and personal transformation.

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