Parenting & Family Dynamics through the Enneagram


Enneagram teachers Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes provide nine lessons on the nine types in their role as parents. Each session will include a lesson from Bea and Uranio followed by a panel interview with 3 consultants of that session’s type: a parent, young adult, and child. Sessions will include Q&A time and will be delivered in webinar format. 

Sessions will take place over the course of 5 weeks, Tuesdays and Thursdays starting on August 4 and ending on September 1.

When will the live sessions take place? Sessions will take place over the course of 5 weeks, Tuesdays and Thursdays starting on August 4 and ending on September 1. Recordings will be available 2 to 3 days after each session. 

  • Session 1: August 4, 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern
  • Session 2: August 6, 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern
  • Session 3: August 11, 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern
  • Session 4: August 13, 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern
  • Session 5: August 18, 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern
  • Session 6: August 20, 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern
  • Session 7: August 25, 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern
  • Session 8: August 27, 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern
  • Session 9: September 1, 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern

Beatrice Chestnut

Beatrice Chestnut, PhD MA (Founder) is a psychotherapist, coach, and business consultant based in San Francisco. She holds graduate degrees in communication and clinical psychology and is the author of the books, The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge, and The 9 Types of Leadership: Mastering the Art of People in the 21st century Workplace. She was president of the International Enneagram Association in 2006 and 2007. A student of the Enneagram for over 30 years, she currently offers Enneagram workshops internationally through the school she co-founded with Uranio Paes, Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy. In their work around the world, Beatrice and Uranio focus on using the Enneagram as a tool for personal and professional transformation.

Uranio Paes

Uranio Paes, MM (Founder) is internationally recognized as a leading Enneagram facilitator, coach, and organization development consultant. He has worked in corporate settings for over two decades and now specializes in doing transformational work with groups and individuals based on the Enneagram.

A former President of the International Enneagram Association, for many years Uranio taught the Enneagram Worldwide Narrative Tradition Professional Training (EPTP) Program in Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. He is founder and CEO of Mundo Eneagrama/Chestnut Paes Online, a global Enneagram learning community that offers a large variety of high-quality Enneagram content online. And he is co-founder with Beatrice Chestnut of Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy, an Enneagram School that offers workshops internationally focusing on using it as a tool for inner transformation and professional development.

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