Providing Effective Enneagram Solutions

In this workshop, Providing Effective Enneagram Solutions, Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes use a mix of interactive methodologies to teach participants key ways to integrate the Enneagram in doing effective work with clients. This workshop focuses on helping you develop greater facility with typing, assessment, and providing specific solutions to specific issues, so you can apply the Enneagram in your professional work for maximum, positive “outer impact” with your clients.


Developing Powerful Enneagram Skills

Beatrice and Uranio will draw on their long and varied experiences teaching and deploying the Enneagram over three decades in different professional settings to help participants understand the centers, types, and subtypes at a deep level. This will enable them to recognize and understand the motives and drives of different clients more easily and allow them to use it with more confidence and skill. They will provide many ideas and practices you can apply to help the people with whom you work in powerful and effective ways.


Parenting & Family Dynamics through the Enneagram


Enneagram teachers Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes provide nine lessons on the nine types in their role as parents. Each session will include a lesson from Bea and Uranio followed by a panel interview with 3 consultants of that session’s type: a parent, young adult, and child. Sessions will include Q&A time and will be delivered in webinar format. 

Sessions will take place over the course of 5 weeks, Tuesdays and Thursdays starting on August 4 and ending on September 1.