The Alchemical Enneagram: Inner Work Retreat C

San Francisco area, CA, USA

Psychological and Spiritual work to further expand conscious awareness and grow beyond the personality structure to reach higher states.

This is the third Inner Work Retreat in the Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy’s Personal Mastery Program.

Please note: to attend this retreat you must have attended Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy’s Retreat A and Retreat B.


At this very special advanced inner work retreat, Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes apply specific elements of the Enneagram, including defense mechanisms, subtypes and instincts, passions and Virtues, and fixations and Holy Ideas, to help people take further steps forward on their growth path. Students who have done the inner work associated with Retreats A and B, will be further challenged to become more aware of—and work against—the habitual nature of their personality, so they can attain greater freedom and realize more of their higher potential.

Specifically, we will support participants in:

  • Assessing and addressing main pieces of psychological work still to be done, including anything connected to type and subtype patterns, emotional and mental patterns, passions and fixations, and shadows
  • Understanding and working with defense mechanisms
  • Further evoking the Virtues and Holy Ideas to loosen unconscious attachments to the passions and fixations.
  • Higher level work with the arrow movements mapped by the inner dynamism of the Enneagram
  • Reaching higher states and tapping into spiritual gifts and higher potential




Teachers and Staff

Beatrice Chestnut

Beatrice Chestnut, MA, PhD, MFT, brings a deep knowledge of the Enneagram system to her work as a psychotherapist, coach, group facilitator, trainer, and consultant. A licensed psychotherapist, she has a PhD in communication and an MA in clinical psychology and has been working with the Enneagram for more than 28 years. She has taught communication and psychology at the college level, served as president of the International Enneagram Association from 2006 through 2007, and completed the Palmer/Daniels Enneagram Professional Training Program teacher certification in 1997.

Currently, Beatrice has a psychotherapy, coaching, and business development practice based in San Francisco. She has taught at Northwestern University and was trained in group facilitation at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. She is the author of two popular books about the Enneagram system, The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge and The 9 Types of Leadership: Mastering the Art of People in the 21st-Century Workplace and was founding co-editor of the IEA’s Enneagram Journal.  She teaches Enneagram workshops internationally, and works with teams and businesses as a trainer, coach, and change consultant. More than anything else, Bea is passionate about helping others find their way toward consciously creating more fulfilling relationships, work, and life experiences.

Uranio Paes

Uranio Paes MBA holds graduate and MBA degrees in management and is internationally recognized as a leading Enneagram facilitator, coach, and organization development specialist. He has worked in corporate settings for three decades, where he has used the Enneagram system for over 16,000 professionals. Now, Uranio specializes in doing transformational work with groups and individuals based in the Enneagram.

A former President of the International Enneagram Association (in 2008 and 2009) and a long-term student of several different spiritual paths, for many years Uranio taught the Enneagram 
Worldwide Narrative Tradition Professional Training
 (EPTP) Program in Brazil, Spain, Italy and Portugal. He is founder and CEO of Mundo Eneagrama (soon to be Chestnut Paes Online) a global Enneagram learning community that offers a large variety of high-quality Enneagram content online as well as live workshops offered internationally.

Dates & Venues

San Francisco area
Earthrise Retreat Center at IONS, Petaluma, CA, 101 San Antonio Road, USA
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Certification Programs

Personal Development
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