Our in-person events through 2020 have been either moved online or postponed due to the global coronavirus pandemic. The collective safety of our students, friends, and staff is of paramount importance to the CP Enneagram Academy. To continue to build and support our community during this time, we have been active across our social media platforms. To hear our thoughts on the global pandemic and its lessons for the enneagram types, see our blog post on the topic here. Our updated event schedule can be found here

Our approach to recordings and privacy for our online courses:

Our Personal Mastery Track retreats are highly personal and interactive. They include lots of sharing, spiritual development, and energetic work. These sessions are never recorded, under any circumstances. During these events, we hire trained counselors who are present for the duration of those sessions and who provide direct support to students who may be triggered or otherwise affected emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually. These events include our Inner Work Retreat A: Enneagram 2.0Inner Work Retreat B: The Transformational Enneagram (not currently offered online), Inner Work Retreat C: The Alchemical Enneagram (not currently offered online), and advanced Inner Work Retreats, which are private retreats offered to students in the Personal Mastery program.

Our Professional Certification Track courses—comprised of Developing Powerful Enneagram Skills and Providing Effective Enneagram Solutions—are highly specialized and packed with technical information about CP’s methodology and they include demonstrations of how to work with a student of a specific Enneagram type, or how to effectively assess your client’s Enneagram-based challenges, or how to effectively type your client. Because of this degree of theory and technicality, we feel that it is important for us to provide recordings of the lessons to our students so that they can further digest the information and go back to it as needed. However, these will be portions of the course where no one will be on camera apart from Bea and Uranio. We will both ask students to turn off their cameras and turn them off manually as course administrators. In addition, the CP Team has decided that no portion of the workshop where students are on camera will be available in the course recordings, including Q&A sessions.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us at