Listen Now: Bea and Uranio Interview Each Other

Our last two podcast episodes feature Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes interviewing each other on their inner growth journeys as Types Two and Five, respectively. They discuss the inner workings of the ego and how it has shown up for each of them as they have worked toward becoming more self-aware. As an Enneagram Type Two, Beatrice talks about her journey of self-development and how the Type Two passion of Pride has defied her over the course of her life and how the Enneagram has helped her stop it in its tracks. Listen here.

In yesterday’s podcast episode, as an Enneagram Type Five, Uranio discusses the inner work that he has done to defy the Type Five’s passion of Avarice. You will hear how a Type Five struggles to focus on themselves and creates emotional distance to keep themselves from connecting. Uranio talks about the journey of self-awareness that led him to open his heart to connection. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to hear the inner workings of the ever-private Enneagram Type Five.